Sales Turnover

Sales Turnover

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Having been admitted under the Corporate Debt Restructuring (CDR) Scheme of Reserve Bank of India in September 2014, the company has been steadily growing and clocking an average CAGR of 67% since the financial year 2014-15. The company is confident of successfully moving out of CDR Cell by end of the financial year 2019-20.

* Projected

The value of our Order Book for the current financial year stands at 12,590.5 Million INR.


H-Energy awards HDD Works Contract to Corrtech for Shastii River for its Western Gateway Project Early Production Facilities

HPCL awards Corrtech the Composite Works for MDPL Capacity Expansion and Palanpur Vadodara Pipeline Project for Part B (Composite works for Santalpur and Palanpur).

‘GAIL’s Project for Laying, Testing and Commissioning of 24″ x 48.38 KM (Approx) from Bangalore to Krishnagiri for Transportation and Distribution of RLNG Gas Pipeline for KKBMPL Phase II Project’ has been awarded to Corrtech.

GAIL awards Corrtech with the “Laying, Testing and Commissioning of 24” x 93.78 km (Approx) Long RLNG Gas Pipeline Project for KKBMPL Phase II Project”.

Corrtech has been awarded the contract for “Laying and Construction of Steel Gas Pipeline along with Associated Facilities for Bokaro-Angul Section of Jagdishpur-Haldia-Bokaro-Dharma Pipeline Project (JHBDPL) Phase II. The scope of works covers approximately 121.5 kms long 30” OD pipeline and pipeline facilities.

Corrtech successfully completed HDD works for Sabarmati River Crossing of 18” dia and 2239 meters long pipeline for Palanpur-Vadodara Pipeline Project of HPCL.

Corrtech has been awarded three years of Monitoring & Maintenance Contract by Gujarat Gas Ltd for its select pipeline networks in Gujarat.

Corrtech has successfully installed Cathodic Protection System for over 200 Tank Bottoms spread across various green-field projects in India and abroad.

IOCL has awarded the contract to Corrtech for Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Solid State Decoupling Device (Diode AC Couplers) based Polarization Cells under HT power transmission line crossings and other facilities for its various cross country pipelines and installations of WRPL, Koyali (Group E).